From Fossil to Future Fuels

Event Date: 

5 Feb 2004 to 6 Feb 2004

5th British-German Environment Forum

From Fossil to Future Fuels

How to push forward the gradual but critically important switch from ‘fossil fuels’ to ‘future fuels’ was the topic of the fifth British–German Environment Forum, which met in Berlin in February 2004. The 60 participants represented the spectrum of activity in sustainable energy in both countries: politics and policy-making (at local, national and European levels), technological and commercial development, and research, reporting and campaigning. The mix was a stimulating one, for it soon became clear that all these different interests must work together (above all regionally and internationally) to create acceptance of the need for a radical realignment of energy policies, sources and usage.

The conference took place at a fulcrum moment: eighteen months on from the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, which called for the global development of renewable energy, and also in the immediate run-up to the muchanticipated renewables 2004 conference (the International Conference for Renewable Energies organised by the German government in Bonn in June 2004), designed to map the expansion of renewables worldwide. Beyond that lies the major issue of the Kyoto Protocol, in particular ratification by Russia and by other major industrial nations worldwide. And overlying all these is the bleak threat of inescapable climate change – of far greater importance, many participants argued, for the future of the planet than issues of security – and the urgent need for political commitment to develop new energy technologies and increase energy efficiency.

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