Energy policy for the 2050s

Event Date: 

7 Mar 2013 to 8 Mar 2013

8th British-German Environment Forum

What will be the energy mix for the UK and Germany by 2050?

The UK and Germany are taking different approaches, proposing different cost structures and adopting different risk profiles to achieve their definition of energy security while reducing carbon emissions. We asked:

  • How will both countries continue to shape and implement their energy policies to achieve their aims?
  • How will Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ (energy transition) develop and is this a model for others?
  • Where can the two countries cooperate on shared priorities?

The 8th British-German Environment Forum (BGEF) explored a range of potential energy and climate policies and share lessons on a wide range of issues including energy efficiency, energy security, renewables and nuclear power.

The BGEF brought together policy makers and practitioners from business, public agencies and the voluntary sector for a two day conference on a sustainability topic, alternating between the UK and Germany. It has built and is building a network of contacts to promote good practice and innovation.

The 8th BGEF was hosted in the UK by Wilton Park with support from the UKs Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Visit the Wilton Park page on the conference for more details about the programme.